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Optimise contact centre performance with unmatched dialler performance

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Outstanding dialler performance that supports your outbound team

Advanced outbound dialling solutions that enable you to manage an efficient, productive and compliant contact centre environment whilst providing the best possible experience for your customers.

Ipad Interface

Types of dialling

Configure the dialler pacing for predictive, progressive, preview or simply manual dialling:

  • Predictive: Delivers customer details to your agents on connection to the customer
  • Progressive: Delivers customer details to your agents as the number is dialled
  • Preview: Provides the complete customer history prior to dialling

Answer machine detection Plus

Maximise call centre productivity by significantly reducing the number of abandoned calls generated:

  • Uses advanced algorithms to exclude calls when it recognises an answer machine
  • Patented solution that ensures you are well within Ofcom’s guidelines on silent and abandoned calls
  • Undetectable to both agents and call recipients

Virtual agent

Optimise advisor talk time by keeping your customers up to date without the need for agent interaction:

  • Spoken messages can be delivered to your entire customer base, or selected lists as needed
  • Customers are given the option to connect to an agent after the message has been delivered
  • Avoid costly abandoned appointments

Call scripting

Increase first call resolution and reduce call handing times in the most effective way possible for your contact centre:

  • Maximise productivity and improve CX
  • Customisable scripting that can be integrated with third-party products
  • Supports dynamic branching to ensure your agents always have the right information to hand

Call recording service

Record calls and access them easily, at all times:

  • 100% of your calls are recorded and stored to provide you with complete insight into performance
  • Supports multiple search criteria so you can retrieve your recordings within seconds
  • Securely stored on multiple servers and locations

Calling line identification

Configure CLI to link specific numbers to a campaign, maximising connection rates and improving customer experience:

  • Advanced carrier level that’s configurable for geo-matched and randomised presentation
  • Allows returned calls to be routed directly to the relevant team for that campaign
  • Ensures you operate in line with key industry regulations

Real-time monitoring

Have a complete picture of your contact centre KPI’s at all times, as it happens, through the UltraLive wallboard:

  • Proactive monitoring of campaign performance
  • The UltraLive wallboard can be configured to reflect any set of KPIs you choose
  • Real time reporting for your business

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“The Ultracomms team has supplied a solution which is totally aligned with our business needs, allowing us to optimise the way we wish to work. It runs extremely well and we are really happy that we made the decision to replace our original system.”

Becky Hutchinson - Sales Managing Director

Features of our flexible contact centre solutions

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Customer Experience

Easy to deploy solutions that serve your customers across all channels for more successful campaigns and a great customer experience.

Simple Integration

Our omnichannel and secure payment solutions are simple to integrate with any telephony infrastructure, software or CRM system.

Productivity Gains

With customer-led feature development and proactive campaign monitoring, we’ll help you increase productivity.

Regulatory Compliance

Reassure your customers and reduce your business risk with compliant solutions for payments and all your contact centre needs.

Quality Management

Powerful analytics and real time monitoring, giving you the tools to define and refine agent behaviours, customer journeys and quality assurance.

Tailored Development

Our collaborative approach to development ensures the services we provide are tailored to fit your business needs; both now and in the future.

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