Outbound Contact Centre

Optimise contact centre performance with unmatched dialler performance and unlimited overcall capabilities.

Our advanced outbound dialling solutions can help you achieve far more than just increasing the throughput of calls, creating an efficient, economic and compliant contact centre environment while delivering the best possible experience for your customers.


Outbound Dialler

Eliminate advisor idle time and optimise outbound campaign effectiveness.

The Ultracomms dialler is a highly featured, location independent outbound solution configurable for predictive, progressive, power, preview or manual dialling. It supports unlimited simultaneous lists and campaigns and offers fully client-configurable pacing through dynamic over-dialling and scripting, a unique answer machine detection feature, call rescheduling and full OFCOM/DMA compliance.

  • Predictive
    Predictive dialling simultaneously delivers answered calls to your agents, providing all the customer information you have on file via a screen pop on the agents PC. Filtering out answer machines with maximum accuracy, your agents’ talk time is maximised and campaign productivity increased.
  • Progressive
    Increasing talk time by delivering customer details to your agents’ screen as the number is dialled, progressive dialling mode allows the agent time to view the call details, but if the call is not answered, moves immediately to the next record in the list.
  • Preview
    Ideal for more complex customer interactions, such as collections, preview dialling provides the agent with the complete customer history prior to launching the call. Providing a far more seamless experience for the customer, and reducing the need for the call to be passed on to another agent or team, therefore maximising the chance of a first call resolution.

Answer Machine Detection

Maximise call centre productivity and ensure Ofcom compliance.

Ultracomms’ patented Answer Machine Detection solution, AMD+ has been proven to increase outbound campaign productivity by up to 40% per campaign.

Undetectable to both agents and call recipients and with 99.99% accuracy rates, AMD+ uses advanced algorithms to exclude calls when it recognises an answering machine. This allows the user to significantly reduce the number of abandoned calls generated, to remain well within Ofcom’s guidelines on silent and abandoned calls.

Virtual Agent

Optimise advisor talk time, and keep your customers up to date.

Ultracomms’ Virtual Agent feature provides a simple way of keeping your customers up to date on news without any agent interaction. Spoken messages can be delivered to your entire customer base, or selected lists as needed, giving customers the option to connect to an agent after the message has been delivered.


Call Scripting

Increase first call resolution and reduce call handling times.

Our customisable HTML based scripting can be integrated with a wide range of third-party products (including Microsoft® Dynamics CRM, SAP applications and Salesforce CRM), ensuring calls are handled in the most effective way possible.

Ultracomms’ call scripting service supports dynamic branching to ensure your agents always have the right information to handle each part of a customer interaction, maximising productivity, and helping you to deliver the best experience for your customers.


Call Recording Service

Record calls and access them easily, at all times.

Ultracomms records and stores 100% of calls to provide you with complete insight into your contact centre performance for quality management and compliance.

Securely stored on multiple servers, across multiple locations, Ultracomms’ outbound call recording supports multiple search criteria such as name, date, Calling Line Identification and advisor name, so you can retrieve your recordings in a variety of formats, from any location, within seconds.

With full encryption and DTMF clamping to ensure PCI-DSS compliance, your organisation can remain fully compliant with the FCA, DMA, Ofcom, ICO and other key regulatory bodies.


Calling Line Identification

Increase connection rates by presenting CLI.

Ultracomms’ advanced carrier level Calling Line Identification is configurable for
geo-matched and randomised presentation enabling you to link specific numbers to a campaign, or even individual calls, maximising your connection rates.

CLI presentation allows returned calls to be routed directly to the relevant team for that campaign, allowing you to monitor call back rates, providing a seamless customer experience, and ensuring you operate in line with key industry regulations.


Real-Time Monitoring

Have a complete picture of your contact centre KPIs at all times.

Our team of experts proactively monitor campaign performance, alerting clients about potential opportunities to improve productivity, or when they identify performance issues such as long call queues and lost connections to internal systems.

The web-based UltraLive wallboard provides a complete picture of your contact centre KPIs in real time. These include campaign performance, call abandonment rates, the number of calls waiting, and average wait times. This allows stakeholders to constantly review activity as it happens.

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