• 30th May 2015

ultracomms enhances its cloud contact centre services portfolio

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ultracomms enhances its cloud contact centre services portfolio

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Ultracommss, a specialist provider of pay-as-you-use Cloud contact centre services, today announces two significant additions to its product suite:

  • The Ultra Callback Manager is a new Cloud-based service that gives customers waiting in a call queue the option of leaving the queue and requesting a Callback from a contact centre advisor at a later time.
  • The Ultra Customer Survey is a new and highly-configurable Cloud-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application that enables callers to access and complete customer experience and other surveys over the phone.

“We are delighted to announce these important enhancements to our portfolio of network-based technology services” said Robert Bates, Commercial Director, Ultracomms. “Ultracomms is committed to building, in-house, a world-class ‘Evergreen’ technology platform that supports our clients’ current and future requirements by taking on the latest software capabilities. The vast majority of our new service capabilities – including the Ultra Callback Manager and the Ultra Customer Survey – are provided at no extra cost to existing Ultra service users.”

Callback Manager

When contact centres experience high inbound call volumes, customers often have to wait an unusually long time to be answered, resulting in caller frustration and low customer satisfaction. During these difficult periods, organisations can now offer callers the option of a Callback at a later time using the new Ultra Callback Manager service. After being played the Callback message, customers can request a Callback by pressing a single button on their phone keypads. The system picks up the Calling Line Identification (CLI) number associated with the call and offers to call the customer back; it doesn’t require the customer to enter the number they wish to be called back on (unless they’re withholding it when dialling). Callback requests are automatically scheduled into the Ultra outbound calling queue for the appropriate organisation or campaign. Callbacks can be made freely available to any contact centre advisor assigned to a particular campaign or sent to a specific advisor to provide continuity for the customer.

The Ultra Customer Survey

The Ultra Customer Survey enables callers to access and complete automated customer surveys over the phone using interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. The application is easy-to-use from any phone, as well as quick, effective and user-friendly. Using automated phone-based surveys, organisations can quickly and cost-effectively collect customer feedback on campaign effectiveness and service quality, and gain ideas for service enhancements.

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