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5 reasons why employee engagement is no game.

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If you read a lot of industry news and commentary, you’ll notice that gamification is often promoted…

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The most memorable days usually end with the dirtiest clothes!

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On Sunday 22nd September, the Ultracomms team set off to Tough Mudder to take part in a…

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Making the grass greener is easier than you think…

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Customers don’t always behave how companies expect. As customers ourselves, we’re all too busy juggling jobs, family…

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Improving Customer Experience in Collections

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When working in the collections industry, it is important to understand that no one wants to have…

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Turning a passion into a reality…

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Well I have arrived here at UltracommsHQ in sunny Portsmouth and I am delighted to take up…

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Beware third party payment processing services for your contact centre…

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Contact centres need to pay close attention to the guidance from the PCI Security Council as MOTO…

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So, what can omnichannel contact management do for me?

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I’m writing this for non-marketers so bear with me if you are an expert. Marketing is full…

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Call Me Maybe*

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One of the most interesting findings to come from Ultracomms’ recent independent research “It’s still good to…

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