Interaction Analytics

Understand your customers better. Improve contact centre performance.

With speech analytics delivered over the cloud, what historically could have been a complex integration with significant Opex implications is now well within the grasp of many SMEs. In practice, that means smaller organisations can improve contact centre performance by using speech analytics software to analyse all interactions for all agents, rather than implementing strategies for improvement based on a small sample of calls.

With all customer interactions across all channels recorded and securely stored in our cloud platform, interaction and speech analytics delivered in partnership with CallMiner™, provide immediate insight into your contact centre performance.

The flexibility and scalability of cloud-based solutions mean that it’s possible for clients to simply pay for the hours and minutes they use. It also means that analytics can be up and running within a matter of weeks, and without tying up internal IT resources during implementation.

The benefits of speech analytics go beyond performance monitoring, they can help an organisation improve customer contact efficiency in a number of ways.

  • Identifying the optimal path for customer interactions so best practice can be shared across wider teams
  • Recognising best practice and agent strengths so the skills of individual agents can be matched to tasks and the performance of the whole team can be raised
  • Introducing a competitive spirit amongst agents by providing each agent with their own dashboard that anonymously compares their performance with best-performing agents
  • Enabling contact centre managers to become more effective by switching their time from listening to a small sample of calls to identifying and delivering more targeted and intelligent coaching
  • Ensuring FCA compliance very simply by providing access to all interactions

Integrating speech analytics with our cloud platform to provide a single solution for clients means that much of the development work and cost involved to deploy analytics is born by us, freeing your resources up to implement the strategies you need to ensure you deliver the experience your customers expect.

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