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Compliance Made Simple

Our solutions are designed to make compliance simple.

Ultracomms’ solutions are designed to enable customers to overcome the complexities associated with the key regulators and industry compliance bodies.

We have been advising clients on all aspects of contact centre operations, from productivity improvements to operating within Ofcom outbound calling regulations, for over a decade. Ensuring clients remain within the relevant regulatory framework, our bespoke dialler algorithms maximise outbound customer contact while ensuring that Ofcom and DMA rules and guidelines are observed.

Our solutions enable clients to stay within the PCI-DSS, OFCOM, DMA, FCA, and IPA guidelines and are integrated into our platforms to deliver peace of mind and security for your customers, whether advisors are working in an office, or remotely.


Protection for your brand, peace of mind for your customers

We know that achieving and maintaining PCI DSS can be complicated and expensive. Ultracomms’ contact centre solutions are delivered over our PCI DSS level 1 certified cloud platform, meaning that all card payments handled are completely secure.

Using DTMF technology, our cloud solution prevents sensitive card data from ever entering your contact centre environment, ensuring your business remains PCI compliant at all times.

Your agents are able to remain on the call with your customers and assist them through the payment process, without any risk of card data being seen, heard, or stored. This removes your entire contact centre from PCI scope, reducing your risk and compliance costs.

A locked padlock on top of two credit cards


Remove your contact centre environment from scope.

The ability to guarantee that customers’ details are going to be safe is essential for any business that handles payments in this way. The only way to provide real payment security for your customers is to separate your contact centre agents from being exposed to critical credit and debit card data recording technology.

Ultracomms’ PCI Pro™ Appliance works seamlessly with existing software and phone systems and can be installed in any contact centre where agents need to handle customer card payments. Ultracomms’ PCI Pro™ Appliance solution completely removes the contact centre from PCI-DSS scope, whether agents are working on-site or remotely, giving organisations the confidence that they are meeting PCI-DSS compliance requirements and removing the risk of non-compliance.

Ultracomms’ solution uses DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) clamping technology, which enables customers to enter their card details directly into the telephone keypad, without anyone ever seeing, hearing or being able to store the sensitive data.

Transactions can take place at any point during the call, and as advisors are no longer exposed to cardholder data, they can remain on the call throughout the payment process.

As neither the advisor nor the call recorder ever receives any of the card details, either verbally or via DTMF, calls can be recorded in full to deliver a complete audit trail for compliance purposes.

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