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Turning a passion into a reality…

Well I have arrived here at UltracommsHQ in sunny Portsmouth and I am delighted to take up my new role as Business Development Manager for Ultracomms.  In this blog I’ll…

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Beware third party payment processing services for your contact centre…

Contact centres need to pay close attention to the guidance from the PCI Security Council as MOTO (mail order telephone order) transactions become a target for fraud.  Choosing a payment…

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So, what can omnichannel contact management do for me?

I’m writing this for non-marketers so bear with me if you are an expert. Marketing is full of jargon so I thought it would be a good idea to de-mystify…

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Taking payments? Get ready for changes to the European Payment Services Directive.

Introduction The rules for accepting payments in Europe are changing. The European Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has been updated with a new set of requirements designed to combat fraud, increase…

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Call Me Maybe*

One of the most interesting findings to come from Ultracomms’ recent independent research “It’s still good to talk” is how stark the contrast customer preferences are between voice and other…

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How to balance technology and human interaction in the Travel Industry contact centre.

Organisations which invest in modern digital technology specifically to protect their customers’ personal data and which clearly and simply explain how it works, gain a clear competitive advantage over those…

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Changing risk landscape evidenced by GDPR breach notifications

Since GDPR was introduced last year, data regulators have been formally notified of nearly 60,000 personal data breaches which are “likely to result in the risk of harm to individuals”.…

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Businesses take a risk every time they ask a customer to read card details out over the phone…

Businesses take a risk every time they ask a customer to read card details out over the phone. Can the information be overheard? Can the data be compromised? Despite the…

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Still taking card details over the phone? Remove your business from payment card industry compliance scope with Ultracomms’ award-winning integration service

It’s never been easier to integrate Level 1 PCI-DSS payment security with your contact centre platform.  And now Ultracomms has won an award at the PCI 2019 Awards for Excellence…

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Why is it time to make PCI-DSS compliance a priority?

We asked independent expert Philip Morton for his view: “The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) is over ten years old. In that time, has it made any…

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