• 10th July 2019

Turning a passion into a reality…

Turning a passion into a reality…

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Well I have arrived here at UltracommsHQ in sunny Portsmouth and I am delighted to take up my new role as Business Development Manager for Ultracomms.  In this blog I’ll tell you why joining Ultracomms is so exciting for me, and what I believe can be achieved by the innovative use of the technology we have.

My background is not sales, it’s in Customer Experience, focused primarily on contact centres and the experience of the customer when interacting with the business.  This is something I am very passionate about, having delivered several key notes on how as a business you can leverage the technology that is already available to deliver a seamless customer journey.  I have developed and implemented customer contact and customer experience strategies for several industry leading businesses, and over the years implemented a vast array of technology that helped achieve those strategies.  I am also currently writing my first book on delivering customer experience through innovation and thinking a little differently.

I’ve known Beverley (Ultracomms Sales Director) for a number of years, primarily as a customer of the Ultracomms UCMS platform and over the years we have had many discussions about how we combine data and technology to achieve the foundations to allow our agents to deliver an amazing experience to our customers each and every time we interact.  I even did a talk at the Call and Contact Centre Expo in March on behalf of Ultracomms on this very subject!  It is important when interacting with a customer as a business that you get a few basic things right in order to make your customer feel loved:

  1. Know who your customer is.

By knowing who they are talking to and the history the customer has with your business not only gives your agents more confidence in dealing with the customer, it also makes the customer feel like they are important to your business – This is the number one ingredient to making your customer feel loved.

  1. Know what your customer needs.

You know the old saying, when you assume you make an… well I’m sure you know it! (If you don’t drop me an email and I’ll explain) This has never been so true as it is when a customer is dealing with your business.  Agents hear the same problems repeatedly, the same barriers, the same issues, the same faults.  This leads to a natural automatic response when they hear it again, they assume they know what the customer needs.  However, a problem with a service or a concern when I’m buying something is probably driven by a very different need to when you have the same conversation.  The issue sounds the same, but the need is very different.  Understanding what this specific customer needs and delivering that need in a personal way is starting to get you in the realms of truly loving your customer.

  1. Use technology to enable your people.

Once you have the data that tells you who your customer is, and you have trained your people to really listen to your customer to understand their specific need,  you need to have the technology to allow your customer to contact you with ease, and when they do, deliver all this data to the agent in a way that enables them to provide the best experience.

The third point above is why I am now with Ultracomms, I genuinely believe that the technology we have is perfectly placed to solve this very common problem most businesses have.  It’s a system I have worked with, along with many others, and is the one I think is best placed to not only help you deliver that great seamless Customer Experience but allows you to prove a maximum return on your investment.  It gives me great excitement to be able to partner with businesses like yours to help you deliver the experience your customers deserve using our technology, systems and experience.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post, it is the first in a series of blogs and webinars that we will be publishing on Customer Experience and Technology, so make sure you keep an eye out for the next blog where I will share my ideas on thinking outside the box and challenging legacy KPI’s to take back control of your contact centre on behalf of your customer.

Mark Donnelly
Business Development Manager, Ultracomms

To contact Mark, email mark.donnelly@ultracomms.com

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