• 10th September 2019

Making the grass greener is easier than you think…

Making the grass greener is easier than you think…

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Customers don’t always behave how companies expect. As customers ourselves, we’re all too busy juggling jobs, family commitments, bills and appointments and we sometimes forget that during our busy lives, the dog still needs walking, and the grass needs cutting.

So, it wasn’t a surprise when GreenThumb approached us to see if we could find a way to ensure their customers didn’t miss their lawn treatment appointments and for once, didn’t mow the lawn!

GreenThumb Ltd, are proud to be the first choice for lawn care in the UK, developing and improving all aspects of lawn treatments for over 30 years. When scheduling their lawn treatment visits, clients are asked not to mow for two days prior to treatment, so that it’s the most effective. Furthermore, GreenThumb customers don’t need to be home during the visit…but access to the lawn is vital!

They needed a reliable, light touch notification system to call ahead, at the right time, to remind their clients and to provide an option to speak to an advisor in case the appointment was no longer convenient. Avoiding aborted client appointments is key to GreenThumb’s productivity and for ensuring a first-class customer service.

Using the Ultracomms Contact Management System, GreenThumb were able to create a fully automated virtual campaign to dial clients, two days before the appointment, and present them with a fully branded message confirming the details.

Through the UCMS API, GreenThumb are in complete control of adding customers to their virtual campaign, along with appropriate scheduling and expiry rules relating to their appointment dates. Real-time visibility of campaign performance including client list penetration, contact rate and outcomes are presented via their wallboard and reporting systems. The technology also allows a client to select an option to speak to an advisor, or if a client calls back after missing a call, they are routed seamlessly into the GreenThumb distributed contact centre; starting with the appropriate local branch location and overflowing back into the GreenThumb HQ, so that a client communication is never missed.

Jess Rose, Corporate Planning Manager at GreenThumb said:
“Finding a solution that increased the kept appointment rate whilst maintaining the ‘personal’ touch from GreenThumb was vital for us. Ultracomms fully understood our requirements and put the solution together in a really short space of time. We saw an immediate benefit to the business that’s helping us to reach more customers every day.”

For more information on how virtual agents can improve your customer experience, or to find out about other products and services that Ultracomms provide, contact Sales@Ultracomms.com.

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