Acceptable Use Policy

    1. Introduction

    This policy sets out the rules that apply when you use services provided by Ultra Communications Ltd (“Ultracomms”).

    2. General

    You must not use Ultracomms’ services:

    a. for any unlawful purpose;

    b. to send, receive or store any material which is offensive, indecent, defamatory or menacing (as reasonably determined by Ultra Communications); or

    c. to send, receive or store any material which infringes copyright, trademark or other any other intellectual property law.

    3. Servers

    Where Ultracomms provides you with dedicated access to a server, you are responsible for the activities and security of the server. Where you have purchased security services from Ultracomms, Ultracomms shall be only be responsible for the security measures described in your contract. Ultracomms may disconnect your server where:

    a. it is used to interfere or attempt to interfere with the service of others (including such use is result of virus infection);

    b. Ultracomms reasonably believes that the server has been compromised; or

    c. where there is a sudden increase in the server’s use of network capacity which impacts other servers on the network.

    4. Suspension and Termination

    Your contract with Ultracomms requires you to comply with this Acceptable Use Policy. If you do not do so, Ultracomms may suspend or terminate your service. Although Ultracomms reserves its right to immediately suspend or terminate services which have been used in breach of this policy, provided that the breach does not require immediate remedy, Ultracomms will usually contact you during business hours to inform you of the actions needed to resolve the issue before it suspends service. Otherwise, if urgent action is required, Ultracomms will contact you after suspension to advise what actions you need to take to rectify the situation. Restoration of any and all services suspended as a result of breach of this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Ultracomms will not restore a service where there is history of similar misuse: You are responsible for keeping your contact details with Ultracomms up to date.

    Where Ultracomms is unable to contract you at an address you have given, it will address any email correspondence to “postmaster” at your domain address/es.

    5. Reports

    Please send reports of any suspected breach of this Acceptable Use Policy to